Team day!

Use these days as a day to meet some people you normally wouldn't see during the week on top of getting some extra work capacity in...

In teams of 2:
2 Inverted Burpees
250 foot Gym Shuttle Run
8 Alternating DB Snatches (50-55#/60-70#)
* Perform as many rounds as possible alternating full rounds between teammates in 20 total minutes

For the Inverted Burpee you will do all of the following:
- Drop to the floor
- Walk up the wall (Scale your distance, as needed)
- Walk back down the wall
- Stand back up

The shuttle run will be from wall to wall for 5 total trips...




Power Test 30 Minutes ONLY:

Full Squat Clean 1RM - You will only get 30 mins to establish a new 1RM Clean, including your warm-up sets. It MUST be a FULL SQUAT CLEAN... no Power Cleans, and then riding the bar down. :-) Record.Your.Weight. Write it down somewhere, so you'll have it when you send us your weights, and scores, for Games Training.


5 Rounds NOT For Time:

10 Stick Jumps over PVC (20"/16")
10 Ball Slams (35-50/20-30)
10 Ring Rows

*Again, this is not for time, just work your way through it at about 80 - 85% speed. The Stick Jumps cannot be lateral jumps, you must face the stick before jumping each time.



Gymnastic Skill 10 - 15 Minutes:
Muscle Ups - We will spend some time going over grip, keeping your midline engaged, transitioning to over the rings, and lockout positioning (external rotation, instead of rolling your shoulders forward).


6 Rounds Each For Time OR Work Completed of:

90 Seconds To Work Getting As Far As Possible:
- 200m Row
- 5 Muscle Ups OR 10 Ring Dips
90 Seconds Rest

For classes larger than 16 - We will incorporate the Bikes. (YAY!!!)
Muscle Ups - No scale; if you do not complete all 5 in 90 secs, just get as far as you can each round.
Ring Dips - If you have to use more than a small purple band to complete your dips, you will do negatives instead, HOWEVER... you will complete as many negatives (lowering yourself as slowly as possible) in the remaining time left after your Row each round.



Skill/Power 15 Minutes:

Push Jerk - You will have only the 15 minutes to quickly work up to a heavy load for 2 reps. You must Push Jerk for both reps, so NO Split Jerk... push yourself under the bar! If your technique is solid move the weight up, if it's looking sketchy, or more like a Push Press, work on pressing YOU down for your  re-dip and lockout, instead of pressing the bar up.


As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 Minutes:

30 Toes2Bar
15 Back Squats (155/105)

**Scaling Options**
Toes2Bar - scale to Knees2Armpits, or Hanging Leg Raises; It should be HARD for you.
Back Squats - 135/95 ; 115/75 ; 95/65 --- The bar MUST be Cleaned from the floor, and should be challenging, but not impossible.

The goal for this workout is to try to get close to your 3rd round, or into your 3rd round, if possible.



Power 15 Minutes:
Power Snatch - Every 60 seconds for 8 minutes, perform 2 Power Snatches @ 75 - 80%


Some Chipper Action For Time:

50 Sit-ups
40 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
30 Chest2Bar Pull-ups
20 Box Jumps (30"/24")
10 Deficit Handstand Push-ups (45# Plate/25#Plate under hands)

**15 Minute Cut-off**

*Scale the reps to 50/30/20/10/5, or even 30/25/20/10/5 if needed. You should only be taking approximately 3 minutes per movement, so time management will be crucial today. You may kip for the Chest2Bar Pull-ups, and the Deficit Handstand Push-ups, but however you scale, challenge yourself!!!



Skill Work 15 - 20 Minutes:

Muscle Ups - Work on your transition into the bottom of the dip on the rings. Use a band between the rings, hooked up to the pull-up rig. We've done this method before, so some of you may have seen it, it works pretty well. Keep the volume low-ish, and just work on nailing down your technique.

Pistols - No bands for the Pistol work today. Use boxes, and plates, if needed. Try a more difficult option than you have before... challenge yourself!!! Let's activate those buns before the workout. :-)


For Time:
30 Thrusters (135/95)
*Every Minute On the Minute: Perform 5 Hand Release Push-ups*

**8 Minute Cut-off**

*Scale the Thrusters to NO MORE THAN 65% of your 1RM Push Press. We will not be using a rack, so you must Clean the barbell from the floor; you may Squat Clean Thruster your first rep each time you Clean the barbell, if you wish. The Hand Release Push-ups will start AFTER the first 60 seconds, so you will start on Thrusters, then, every 60 seconds complete 5 Hand Release Push-ups.



Team Workout Saturday!!! Bring your long socks and/or pants, and your jump rope... :-)

In Teams of 2 - 3 depending on class size

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:

5 Burpees
1 Rope Climb
30 Double Unders

*Only one person works at a time, completing the entire round before your partner takes over. The ropes for Rope Climbs will be first come, first served... so MOVE FAST! If you cannot climb the rope, you may substitute 3 Pull-ups, so we don't get too backed up at the ropes. If you need to scale Double Unders, you may do 50 Single Unders, BUT... make sure you can complete them quickly, so your partner(s) can get back into action.